Spanking dream

It has been a while since I blogged it has been a busy time and many lovely submissive men have come to visit me.

I had a phone call from a nervous sounding man eight weeks ago and he had enjoyed reading my profile and blogs.

He is 68 and since his teens had wanted to be spanked over aunties knee.

I had asked if he wanted to be a little boy or girl, as I never thought he would want to be an adult.

The pause and “a boy” told me that perhaps one day it be a girl.

We booked a time and day, on the morning he phoned me to say he was early (he was very excited and nervous), and I was happy to see him 30 minutes earlier.

After a chat about safe words, marks and boundaries a lovely 60 minute session began.

He enjoy his spanking and took a very good hand spanking, my big leather paddle and some strokes of the cane.

He has booked another session and this time has admitted the idea of a dress appeals, it also gives me easy access to his bum as it is over my knee.

The pink junior pupil dress and white knee socks await him.

This could be you