To make some things clear and “Timewasters”

The phone number on my site is for clients to PHONE me to discuss an appointment.

It is not for text exchanges and you are wasting your time sending me text messages such as “I have been a bad boy”

I am friendly and discreet on a first telephone call and do understand men being nervous at first.

I am very experienced and you will not be telling  me anything I have not heard before.

On a telephone call I will only discuss things in bullet points and cover such things as your experience, if you can be marked (some clients have partners and cannot be)

However trying to engage me into detailed chats about a session hoping I will provide you with “wank fodder” will be ignored.

First timers/Novices I will sit down and over a cup of tea put your fears at ease, discuss safe words and take you through a a session at a gentle pace as I bring out your submissive desire.

To the wonderful gentlemen and regulars thank you and as you know I arrange good rates for sessions over an hour for genuine people.