A blog by one of my regular clients

A Visit to a new Mistress

Over the years I have visited a number of mistresses for domination sessions. Some were good and others I was disappointed with. I came across Mistress Lucy’s website and she seemed to provide the type of session I was looking for, so I rang the number on the site. Mistress Lucy answered and spoke to me about my previous experience and agreed to a session the following Thursday.

At the appointed time I arrived at her door, a little nervous, but was greeted with a smile and offered a cup of tea. We had a short chat about what I wanted from the session and I confirmed I could be marked, but I know Mistress is able to provide a session without leaving marks. We also agreed what safe words I would use so she would know when I had reached or was approaching my limit.  Mistress Lucy then stood up and told me to take my clothes off and she would be back in a couple of minutes.

On her return she placed some wrist and ankle cuffs on me and a slave collar around my neck. I was then taken out to the hall and secured with some stout chains to the wall facing mistress, who  then put a parachute stretcher around my balls  with weights and some clamps on my nipples. She then proceeded to do some nipple and cock and ball torture on me  changing activity to ensure that my cock, balls and nipples had a good working over including using a riding crop on my penis.

Mistress Lucy then turned me around so I was facing the wall and re-secured the wrist straps to the wall and started a hand spanking on my bum as a warm up followed shortly by a leather strap and a riding crop. As I got towards my limit which mistress was well able to judge, she changed implement to a flogger and started to whip my back which was painful, but was even more painful when she began using a whip. Again mistress was able to judge my pain threshold and although I got close to calling amber she could judge and moved back to spanking my bum and I was even able to take six strokes of her boot paddle before calling amber.

The session then stopped for a  few minutes while mistress released me and we moved to the next room where she had a spanking horse set up which she asked me to bend over and she secured my ankles and wrists to the hoops on it. Then began another short warm up with a leather paddle and riding crop before moving onto her famous selection of canes. I did manage to take a good number of strokes from her thin cane and was very pleased with the way she built up the caning slowly starting to find my limits which she judged well.

At the end of the caning mistress Lucy released my ankles and wrists and allowed me a few minutes to compose myself  and savour the fabulous sessions she had just given me. We chatted about the session and the parts of it I really enjoyed and other things I might like to try. I left to travel home very contented with a very tingly bum. I will be booking my next session with Mistress Lucy very shortly and can strongly  recommend her to anyone looking for a professional mistress in the Essex area.

Sub A


To make some things clear and “Timewasters”

The phone number on my site is for clients to PHONE me to discuss an appointment.

It is not for text exchanges and you are wasting your time sending me text messages such as “I have been a bad boy”

I am friendly and discreet on a first telephone call and do understand men being nervous at first.

I am very experienced and you will not be telling  me anything I have not heard before.

On a telephone call I will only discuss things in bullet points and cover such things as your experience, if you can be marked (some clients have partners and cannot be)

However trying to engage me into detailed chats about a session hoping I will provide you with “wank fodder” will be ignored.

First timers/Novices I will sit down and over a cup of tea put your fears at ease, discuss safe words and take you through a a session at a gentle pace as I bring out your submissive desire.

To the wonderful gentlemen and regulars thank you and as you know I arrange good rates for sessions over an hour for genuine people.

Spanking dream

It has been a while since I blogged it has been a busy time and many lovely submissive men have come to visit me.

I had a phone call from a nervous sounding man eight weeks ago and he had enjoyed reading my profile and blogs.

He is 68 and since his teens had wanted to be spanked over aunties knee.

I had asked if he wanted to be a little boy or girl, as I never thought he would want to be an adult.

The pause and “a boy” told me that perhaps one day it be a girl.

We booked a time and day, on the morning he phoned me to say he was early (he was very excited and nervous), and I was happy to see him 30 minutes earlier.

After a chat about safe words, marks and boundaries a lovely 60 minute session began.

He enjoy his spanking and took a very good hand spanking, my big leather paddle and some strokes of the cane.

He has booked another session and this time has admitted the idea of a dress appeals, it also gives me easy access to his bum as it is over my knee.

The pink junior pupil dress and white knee socks await him.

This could be you