Q & A

Q – How do I contact you to arrange a session?
A – Click the email link to write to me or phone me on my work mobile number

Q – I have never seen a Pro Dominatrix before and really nervous
A – It is understandable to be nervous the first time, when you arrive at my flat I am happy to sit down with you and discuss what you want to experience, give an outline of what the session will cover and my “safe words”

Q – What is a “Safe Word?”
A – A safe word is a word or phrase I give you as your way to tell me to stop the session or ease up on any part of impact play. A safeword allows you to enjoy being my submissive but also gives you confidence that your limits will be respected.

Q – What is a “Hard Limit”?
A – A hard limit is something you don’t want to even try, for example anal plays, if this is stated before a session begins that you do not want to explore then I will not do any anal play as this is out of bounds.

Q – I see words like “CBT” or “scat” used, what do they mean?
A- I have a glossary on my page that outlines what words such as “CBT” and “scat” mean, if I have missed any phrase or word you have heard then please feel free to contact me to ask.

Q – I cannot be marked as I have a partner/husband/wife at home and they do not know about my submissive side
A – I have a range of floggers that will give a nice feeling of being punished but will not leave any lasting marks after two hours.
Also my service is very discreet and your own private business

Q – How do I pay?
A – Cash on the day or via the paypal link.
You may even pay a deposit and pay the balance of the day.

Q – How much notice do you require for a booking?
A – As much notice is best, I sometimes take bookings weeks in advance, but also always get cancellations so never assume you can never book me that day, always ask first.